T R Y  O N  A P T S


1.1 Try on appointments are 15 or 30 minutes in duration.

1.2 Please ensure you arrive on time to your appointment.

1.3 During that time, you are welcome to try on as many garments as you desire.

1.4 Please be cautious of fake tan and make up when trying on items.

1.5 If you are unable to make it to your secured appointment, please advise us with a minimum of 2 hours’ notice. 

1.6 Late try on cancellations (less than 6 hours) will incur a $10 fee.

1.7 No show cancellations will incur a $15 fee.



 P A Y M E N T


2.1 All payment received by Damzel in Disdress is final.  

2.2 The hiring party may at any time cancel a booking by giving written notice to Damzel in Disdress.

2.3 If a booking is cancelled, the hiring party agrees to forfeit any hire charges paid as the garment will have already been marked unavailable for other potential clients for that period.

2.4 NO refunds are issued.






3.1 We encourage booking garments in advance to avoid disappointment; however, a booking will not be secured until the deposit has been received by Damzel in Disdress. 

3.2 The deposit is required to secure a specific garment for your event date.

3.3 The deposit comes off the price of the hire, so it is not an excess bill or a try on fee.

3.4 The hirer must provide proof of payment to secure a booking, until then, the garment is still open. 

3.5 Deposits are non-refundable and non-transferable






4.1 The agreed upon hirer is the only person allowed to wear the garment.

4.2 You cannot lend or hire out the garment to another person.

4.3 You are fully liable if the garment is damaged or lost while in your possession.

4.4 By hiring from Damzel in Disdress, you agree not to alter or modify the products in anyway, including hemming, alterations, size alteration, pinning or cleaning

4.5 You agree that Damzel in Disdress does not take responsibility for problems with Australia Post, once out of Damzel in Disdress’ possession. 

4.6 You agree to return the item in the same condition it was given to you in.




 R E T U R N S


5.1 Perth based hires are to be returned on the Sunday or Monday following the weekend of the hire. 

5.2 Interstate hires are to be lodged back via the included postage back on the Monday following the hire. 

5.3 If garments are held beyond the agreed period of rental, they remain in your possession without our consent.

5.4 You accept that Damzel in Disdress will charge you a fee of $10 per day for late return.






6.1 Damzel in Disdress will handle all cleaning of the hired garment.

6.2 You acknowledge that you will not attempt to clean (hand wash, dry clean, machine cycle) the item in anyway. 

6.3 If an item requires dry cleaning, the cost of the service will be sent as an invoice and must be paid within 2 days to Damzel in Disdress.

6.4 Damzel in Disdress will arrange the dry cleaning of the specific item once the garment is back in their possession.

6.5 All interstate hires MUST be cleaned prior to posting back to Damzel in Disdress. 
We will contact you on how to wash the garment. 




 L O S T  G A R M E N T S


7.1 If the hired garment is not returned to Damzel in Disdress within 3 days after the return date, the late return will be considered a non-return.

7.2 In this situation, the hiring party accept that Damzel in Disdress reserves the right to charge an amount equivalent to the retail value of the garment.





8.1 If items are returned with minor damages, the borrower is obliged to pay the repair cost as requested by D.I.D, in addition to the hire fee. These costs are determined upon evaluation of the garment.

8.2 If a garment is returned with major damages, it is deemed, ‘damaged beyond repair’ and the borrower is required to pay the cost of the RRP directly too D.I.D.

8.3 It is Damzel in Disdress’ prerogative to determine whether a garment is ‘minor’ or ‘majorly’ damaged.